Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Samsung Bada & Global Challenge

I had joined "Bada - Global Developer Challenge" and I was one of the Simulator Phase Winners and I would like to share my experiences with Bada.

The application I had developed was chromatic tuner. Watch it on youtube if you like.

What is Bada? Here is the answer from Samsung: "Samsung bada is a smartphone platform released in 2010. The word “bada” means “ocean” in Korean. Samsung Wave is the first bada-powered phone."

In other words Samsung Bada is something like Google's Android or Apple's iOS.

In Bada, you do your development in C++. I am a Java expert and I am used to do programming in clean world with conventions, no-pointers, no memory concerns. However in Bada, you have an excellent c++ api under Bada namespace with good documentation so it is not complicated after one or two hours. It is still not very clear as Android API but you must keep in mind that it is in C++ and you have the native power. So if you are a java developer, don’t worry, C++ syntax knowledge will be enough you to start development in Bada platform. I can not repeat same sentence for Symbian C++ development for example.

Unlike Google, Samsung does not force you to be in an allowed country to sell applications. And it does not require any fee like Google or Apple. Although Samsung does not require any fee; they do a good testing. My application rejected two times due to various bugs that I have never thought. However I am not the only guilty one on those bugs, the API might not be fully bugless yet (see here if you wonder my problem, may be I am the only guilty one). Another good issue is, as far as I know (correct me if i am wrong) Apple sends checks by mail to pay you. However Samsung does it by a bank transfer; which is cool if you think mail might be lost.

There were some problems with delivering of mobile phones on Global Challenge. For example I didn’t receive a mobile phone due to custom (duty) policies in my country. However I was waiting those to be handled by local Samsung branches but unfortunetly I was wrong. Samsung is not guilty of course; however my expectation for a world-wide company like Samsung was bigger: If they sell Samsung here, they can handle to let me have one.

I really enjoyed developing with Bada. Samsung has similar phones delivered with Android. Android and iPhone has a big market share. However I believe Bada will get bigger share If Samsung keeps supporting it as today.