Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eclipse, never again!

For a long time I have been using Intellij IDEA and my last experience proved how accurate my decision was.

I had to use Eclipse due to obligations in a company. The feature I had developed was tested well and it was ready to be tested on server.

However; I had to spent a day to see it on server for a feature I had spent one day to develop. Problem was a "class not found" exception which I could not solve although debug it until to native binding of class loaders. The class was in related jar under web-inf lib folder; what was the problem? Perhaps it was an init / static block issue; but there were no clue...

After spending a day; I noticed that although the project I was working was a maven project and had been imported to eclipse via maven plugin; test folders were being included to build path when you execute publish/deploy on application server. Yes, for eclipse there is not such a concept called "test folders". 

I was so happy to find it out; after spending a day on this meaningless error. Then; i recognized how nice IDEA organizes it; execute coverage reports; analysis etc. And you do not have to install a maven plug-in or any other svn/git etc. plugin, everything is already added for you and they work. 

IDEA is really intelligent and I enjoy to work with it. I remember my first experience with IDEA. I had preferred Eclipse at the end of day; but as people keep suggesting it again and again; I gave it a chance again and now what I think is IDEA is the best java ide.

Other products of Intellij are great too:  RubyMine for ruby/ror, Pycharm for python ide. There are not real opponents in these areas as far as I know.

Okay Eclipse is open source and free but Intellij really deserves what it asks for; and if you are a developer; it's not a big amount to think: It's great tool to do your job efficiently.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apache Synapse, WSO2; keep them in you mind!

After working with IBM Datapower; I googled around to see if there was an open source mediation alternative. I had thought I found a topic which was not covered by open source projects and I would start it immediately.But I was wrong; there was already a nice one by Apache. Although Synapse is not an %100 alternative to Datapower, it is a nice mediation project.

Immediatelly I thought I still had chance to improve it with config editors, management, monitoring etc. Again it was already implemented by another project: wso2.

Wso2 includes Synapse and add features on top of it. I recommend you to check these projects if you have not already. Just keep them in your mind that such projects exists; you may need them in future. 

Now I am bit regret to implement my previous mediation project with Spring Integration. I could make use of these.